A long way Ahead, is my space for writing about travel – my own, as well as links to other interesting pieces, travel writing, the travel industry etc.

When I was six or so, and we were to set off on one of our annual vacations, my sister,sliding down the banisters, had a fall and got her forehead stitched up. That album has her beaming, with the bandaid shining in the warm Ooty-hill-station sun. Ever since that earliest vacation (that I can remember), travelling to ‘other’ places has been a magical thing for me, something awaited as much as experienced. Half the thrill lies in reading about places yet to be visited, foods yet to be eaten, people yet to be met. When we returned from that holiday, my sister’s bandaid came off, but perhaps those early travels made such an impression on us, that all three of us siblings have turned out to be crazy about going places.

I am not a long-term traveller. I have a regular, day-job in a fairly taxing profession, that ensures my stay in the here and now. But I do try and sneak out as much as possible. And – I love to read about others’ travelling, enjoying their experiences second-hand.

Most of my travel, until now, has been within India. So the writing on this blog, that relates to my own travel, is likely to be India related. Other than that, I plan to link to pieces from all over -distance is no bar to enjoyment ! So, come on board, and I hope you enjoy this journey.