As a traveller, one develops the habit of picking up souvenirs.

A tiny bit of the place to bring back home. T shirts, mugs, spoons, thimbles, key chains-all part of the usual stuff we collected on our travels. Apart from loads of photographs and some videos which I do not seem to go back to ever.

Somewhere “along the way” in Bhutan, we came upon this place.
A river in its less intimidating form, with a bank filled with stones. Gorgeous as it was in itself, it also brought back memories of my childhood, when I collected stones/ pebbles of the places I visited. A couple of ocassions, my enthusiasm ran riot and I picked up a kilo of them , to be trimmed to size later.

Looking back it was a nice thing to do – literally a little bit of the soil I visited.

And also here is my favourite picture from the same trip.

I am unsure how to load pics here- hence the link!!