Remember the nomad uncle, Travelling Matt, of Fraggle Rock? He would send a card back, towards the end of each episode to his nephew on how humans- ” silly creatures” behave. ( rechristened “muggles” after Harry Potter). He travelled alone always.

On the other hand there is Asterix. I am like him. No- not the height or the magic potion bit. And I have nothing against Romans. I am not a lone traveller. I prefer company. But there have been instances when I wished I did not have company.

Travel bugs and what I would like to tell them:
Window snatcher– in a non air-conditioned train/ bus- I like the breeze on my face as well, not to mention the view
Slow pokes – while one need not cram the agenda, there should be some bit of timeplan to a trip
Whiners– Forever complaining and comparing – Back home… – “Then you should have stayed home.”
Caffeine Addict– Stickler for coffee/ tea timings and quality while travelling- “get a flask”
Dirty Harry– trashes about- no excuses- “I do not know you.”
Kebabs mein haddis/ Tag alongs– While travelling with a conducted tour group, those who do not give a couple a few minutes of privacy
Money minder-” Don’t make me feel guilty”
Fanatics– I am X religion So I will not visit a Y religious centre- ” Get a life- enjoy the architecture”

Do you have any to add?