Anyone who has been to London and on the London Eye knows that (on a good day), you get fantastic views of the city from up above, with sights including the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, views of the Thames, and famous buildings including the Gherkin….

Well, we saw all of those, but also something else sort of unusual. Look at the photo below, and see if you can guess what the site was being used for? This was a photograph we took while we were well above, in one of the London Eye Capsules. Don’t cheat, don’t scroll down, and see if you can guess…(I’d love to know your guesses too..)


This is the grand looking County Hall where a Dali Universe exhibition was on when we went on the Eye. Now, go down to the next picture and see if your guess was correct!


Trampolining! These kids were having the time of their lives bouncing up and down. See how high up that girl really is! (I took this picture once we got down)