Apu is a consulting worker, who counts reading, writing, and travel among her many interests. She tries to fit in her day job somewhere into her busy schedule. She is also fond of eating, (vegetarian only) and believes that combined with travel, this can only lead to good things. This site will therefore be a mix of all the above.

She also blogs on workplace issues , marketing in India, feminism etc at Cubically Challenged. You can reach her at aputhebird AT yahoo dot com.

Art is a guest blogger here; She likes to set sail often, not necessarily on water. Seeing new places and revisiting old ones in new ways. Now with a kid in tow, her journeys are often as exciting as the destinations. You can also catch up with her at The Not-so-artful Dodger

4 Responses to “Meet Us !”

  1. John Matthew Says:

    Hi Apu,

    Like your blog and your style. You write great stuff. I blog at http://johnpmathew.blogspot.com. Do pay me a visit. How about a reciprocal link?


  2. apu Says:

    John, thanks for dropping by ! I don’t know about reciprocal links, but feel free to link me, and likewise, I add blogs I like all the time 🙂 Will drop in to visit you…

  3. Swastik Says:


    This is Swastik from bhubaneswar.I was thrilled by this article and wanted to explore the hidden secrets of orissa centuries ago,but i am unable to find the exact location of this place

    Hence please provide the address and the way to reach hirapur.I will be highly obliged

  4. Abhishek Says:


    I came across your website in a search for a Travel Blog and thought I should write to you.

    I work with Zoomtra.com, India’s largest independent Travel Search Engine and Travel Information Portal with over 250,000 registered users and over 500,000 regular monthly visitors. We also own the world largest Traveler Networking Platform, India Dekha! which is a part of Orkut and Facebook social platforms.

    We are creating a new section devoted to Best Travel Bloggers and would like to profile you and your Blog and showcase it to our visitors. This would not only give your blog an exposure to a premium audience but would also lead to more visitors on your blog, an increased readership and more subscriptions to your blog.

    It is absolutely FREE for you to opt in and one-of-its-kind opportunity you must avail.

    If you publish an RSS Feed of your blog and want to get your blog better known, please do let me know and I can send you more details and a VIP Blogger Account where you’ll get to feature your Blog Posts and your Profile.

    Best Wishes,
    E: abhishekb@zoomtra.com
    M: +91-9350757075

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